Lovely Melbourne pre-wedding shoot on the beach

I feel so honoured and happy to have had the chance to travel all the way to Australia for the wedding of this amazing couple! What a wonderful time I had over there. I enjoyed every second of it. Of course everything flew by in a breeze (time flies when you're having fun, they say), but I will always remember and cherish those very special moments spent with lovely friends and be very thankful for this amazing experience.

Now, this wedding wasn't like any other wedding. In fact, J & M decided to have several wedding festivities due to the fact that they had family and friends spread out all over the place. The official wedding, for which I came all the way form Germany, took place in a very intimate 'friends-and-close-family-only' setting in beautiful Beechworth, Australia (more on that later). However, one week later there was to be another wedding celebration in New Zealand with the extended family, to which I unfortunately wasn't able to make it. Boo. I was there for a couple of weeks preceding the wedding, though, so we decided to have a little pre-wedding photo shoot at the local beach in Melbourne in their NZ wedding outfits (yes, the bride had TWO beautiful wedding dresses!). We had so much fun that evening and I think it is safe to say that this is one of the cutest and most lovable couples out there.

See for yourself: