Workshop Time

Happy New Year, people (I hope it's not too late to wish you that...:D)! Here is to hoping the first couple of weeks were just as exciting for you as they were for me. A week ago I started off my (professional) year with a great workshop hosted by a wonderful photographer based in the Cologne/ Bonn area, wedding photographer Sascha Kraemer. I've been following (and liking) his work as a wedding photographer for a while now, so it was very inspiring and interesting to get an insight into his way of doing things. He was very open about his business and thorough about explaining / showing how he gets things done. I really appreciated his honesty and authenticity.It was very refreshing! 

The one thing I learned during this workshop is that by attending a workshop you will always learn something new. Sounds a bit obvious, but I was never sure about the value of workshops. But no matter your expectations (high or low) there is ALWAYS something to learn. A new piece of information, a technique, a trick, a way of doing something that you had never considered before in your work. But what's even more, sometimes it's so good to just get confirmation that you are doing something the right way, that you are on the right track! As a self-employed person, who mostly works alone and rarely has someone to bounce ideas off of, it can get so hard to make decisions and at the same time have the confidence that these are the right ones. It really feels quite daunting sometimes, especially in the beginning, when you think you may be doing something right, but you are never sure due to lack of experience. As much as it has to be you, yourself, to run YOUR business, with your ideas and way of doing things, making sure that your are on the right track is essential. Attending this workshop, not only gave me inspiring new things to think about and learn, but also more confidence in what I am doing. I left feeling positive and motivated, which for me is a big deal. Thank you Sascha, for making it a great experience and worth the travel to Cologne.