Waterfront wedding in Berlin

Today's blogpost is about a lovely wedding I got to shoot last month in Berlin. In Köpenick, to be specific - a part of Berlin I wasn't familiar with at all. Which is crazy since I've lived in Berlin for quite some time now. But I guess that's the beauty of my job: I get to discover all these lovely new places - even in my own town. It was a beautiful late summer day, with gorgeous weather - a perfect day to get married. 

The bride and groom had decided to do a first look before the ceremony, so my day started off by meeting them a few hours before the actual ceremony in a part of town close to Treptower Park to capture just that- their first look. I can't tell you how much I love those moments. They are so special and intimate every single time. And the great thing is: we got to do the portrait session right then and there. Great solution if you don't want to be bothered with that later on during the day, when your guests are competing for your attention.

We had a great time shooting together, as this couple was one of the sweetest and relaxed couples I have ever met. Their love for each other was so apparent and easy to capture. Everything about this wedding was personal and genuine: from the self-written vows, that left no one without at least a tiny tear in their eyes, to the speech introducing each and every guest and their relationship to the couple (!) right before dinner was served...and of course everything in between. It was real pleasure and honour to witness this day.

Ihr beiden, ich danke Euch von Herzen, dass ich Euren wundervollen Tag begleiten durfte. Es war mir wirklich eine Freude und ich wünsche Euch für Eure Zukunft alles erdenklich Gute!