My little Girl

This year has been quite the year. Everyone following my Instagram account will know that:) I have been sharing special personal and professional 'moments' of 2015 for which I am extremely thankful (if you haven't joined me on Instagram already, head over here and click the 'follow'-button) . One very special event for me this year was of course becoming a godmother to this adorable little girl! When my dear friend Gina asked me to be part of her daughter's life in such a special way I was truly overwhelmed and happy. What an honor to be able to have such a unique connection with a little one (soon to be not so little anymore!). I was, of course, a bit nervous in the beginning, as I've never done this before. It really is a great responsibility, a life-long connection and what if the kid doesn't like you? What if I was really bad at being a godmother? What does a godmother even do? But I think now, after a few months 'in office' I can officially say (with some relief) that things are going pretty well. She is the sweetest little thing, with such a strong, funny, and loving personality. Even though she has had quite the year herself (hospitalisation relieved that she is doing well again!), she has grown into such a strong and bright little girl and it's such a joy to spend time with her. Incidentally, I do that quite a lot.

So here a is a little portrait of my little girl, 'a day in the life of..', so to speak. Hope you enjoy!